Who Is Whizbang Media?

I am a one person website powerhouse which has been in business for 25 years and enjoying what he does. I don't shy away from almost any website subject.

My History

My company, Whizbang Media & Graphics, has been legally in business since 1999. I had been dabbling with websites since the IBM PS/1 (1990) and went full speed in 2011. I have created many, many sites to count over the years. I found I have a knack for woocommerce shopping sites which I specialize in not. I still love creating any kind of wordpress sites. Anything. Just Ask!


What Do I Do?

  • Professional cPanel Website Hosting.
  • Fix Up Your Wordpress Website.
  • Maintain Your Wordpress Site.
  • Suggest Must Have Wordpress Plug-Ins At Update When Needed.
  • Create Great Professional Websites.
  • Create Great Professional Woocommerce Sites.
  • Backup Of Your Site At Least Daily.
  • Set Up The Socials Of Your Choice.
  • Create Your Posts And Auto Post Them.
  • Help You With Setting Up And I Will Maintain Your Drop-Shipping Site.
  • Many, Many Other Services.

Not Bad For A One Person Team!